The Ci series is making waves down under. Review by Christopher Holder of AV Asia


“If I had any fears that these Danes couldn’t really be serious about the practicalities of installed audio, they were unfounded. It appears that every aspect of installation and field serviceability have been considered.

What’s more, once installed, you have a background music or vocal loudspeaker system that sounds good and without question occupies a much lower profile than any other surfacemount offering”.

“Being Danish, they’ve got to be priced like Bang & Olufsen’s marketing budget, right? Not so. The Ci Series, as you can see below, are priced reasonably… probably less than the architect’s MacBook satchel”.

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Join us at ISE 2018 at booth 3-C125

We are pleased to invite all of our customers to our stand at the ISE exhibition from 6-9 February 2018.  Visit us in hall 3, stand C-125, where you can discover the Ci and C series plus some new exciting products:

  • A new flyable 15” subwoofer, the C15S, flying in a cluster with 4 pieces LS1
  • The long awaited C8S passive subwoofer
  • New brackets for the TRM models, allowing them to mount in truss and onto tripods

Again this year we will throw a small party at the booth with drinks and finger food, so please invite your key customers for some Cornered fun on Wednesday the 7th at 17.30.

You can still register your free entrance with our invitation code 915836 through this link.

See you at ISE!

Cornered kicks off 2018 with 100+ speakers installed in iconic Copenhagen food emporium

Cornered is opening 2018 with a bang! Copenhagen based “The Food Club” – or “Madklubben” in Danish – just opened three new restaurants in the iconic “Park” building.

Here you can enjoy gourmet food in exquisite surroundings, with all restaurants and bars powered by close to a hundred different Cornered models. From the new Ci5 model to the loud C6TRM in the bar areas – all blending in discretely with the funky décor. So come to Copenhagen and spoil your eyes, ears and taste buds all at the same time. Enjoy!

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Cornered in Tahini Bar & Sushi restaurant, Marbella, Spain

Checking in at one of the worlds best Sushi restaurants. Tahini chose to have our C3 speakers installed throughout the bar and restaurant, adding to the overwhelming feeling of good taste.

Tahini is a very typical Cornered case, where the customer want an aesthetic loudspeaker installation, but absolutely does not want to compromize on the sound quality.

The solution here is the compact C3 model in white, mounted horizontally in the corner between ceiling and wall, delivering smooth and crisp sound throughout the venue.

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Cornered at The Wadden Sea centre

VADEHAVSCENTRET is Denmark’s largest national park and listed on UNESCOs list of World Heritage. The center is the gate to the park and architect Dorthe Mandrups unique building blends naturally into the flat marshland.

Naturally, the center chose Cornered C5’s in their exhibition “The Migratory Birds’ Wadden Sea”. Blending in discretely to the modern architecture, the C5’s are used to reproduce ambient bird song as naturally as possible.

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ISE 2017

At this weeks ISE Show in Amsterdam, Cornered Audio will show a new range of feature packed Commercial Install products called the Ci series. Wtih features including IP54 rating, EN54 fire proof certification, built in 100V/70V module, switchable protection circuit on the tweeter and much more, the range includes a very compact 2 1/2″ and 4″ model and a 5″ model. New to the Ci line is also an innovation slider system that will make installation even easier and more flexible.

The Ci series comes with tweeters mounted to a waveguide offering 100×100 degree dispersion and very uniform coverage.

All models of course also has the well known Cornered virtues, i.e. triangular cabinets that mounts without brackets, hidden cable connection and the ability to be coupled together to expand coverage.

The C-series is also on show, including the new LS1 line source. All models are on show and available for demonstration at ISE. Come see us at Stand no. 1Q100.

Le Bambole

Located in the fashionabel Kgs. Nytorv in Copenhagen, Le Bambole is a dazzling Champagne Bar perfecting classics of the liquid kitchen while entertaining customers with great decor.

The bar hosts a variety of events including fashion shows, wine tasting and live music. And in “The Green Room”, there is even a small discouteque.   The bar area is covered in sound by C5’s mounted back to back and providing 180 degree of coverage. The dance floor is entertained by C5TRM’s – neatly fitted in the corner between wall and ceiling and delivering 104 dB at all seats while being almost invisible.

Le Bambole is a great excuse to get out on the town and listen to the new Cornered C5TRM. Spot them if you can..

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Cornered at Agnes B

The new Agnes B shop in Versailles, France offers high end clothing with common sense pricing. As a natural fit, they chose 8 pcs. Cornered C4 white to cover the shop with soothing music.

Installed horizontally below the ceiling, the speakers underline the decor of the shop without steeling the picture.

Good sound is key to a good shopping experience and we are pleased to have Agnes B on board at Cornered.

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Great sound at Cock’s & Cows!

The very hip Cock’s & Cows offers High-End burgers and cocktails in modern funky surroundings. In their latest opening in Copenhagen, the owners decided to focus more on the sound quality in the venue,

A key demand was that the speakers should not change the visual identity of the restaurant, so they chose a total of 12 pcs. C5 to cover the restaurant and bar area with smooth sound. And they chose the aluminum finish to enable the speaker to blend in well with the outlook of the decor.

Installation by Danlas ApS. More pictures at:



Bar25 in the centre of Copenhagen is a top quality cocktail bar. They serve exquisite Cocktalis and surround you in classy atmosphere and the smooth sound form 12 pcs. Cornered C6’s covering bar and seating areas.

They are practically invisible under the black roof – but are capable of delivering 102 dB at all sreats in Hi-Fi like quality.

The owner of the bar is Obsessed by Quality, so give your self a treat next time you are in Copenhagen and visit this excellent bar.

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FCN gets Cornered

Super league soccer club FCN north of Copenhagen has just renovated their headquarters. They chose Cornered C4 and C5 in their meeting and conference rooms – and C5TRM in their BITE café and restaurant.

The black C4’s in the conference room plays great aesthetically with the black screens and furniture in the room – whereas the black TRM’s are practically invisible in the BITE café and player lounge. Game on!

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CHSR conference room.

The headquaters of the Chinese High Speed Railway company in Hunan province chose C5TRM for their High End conference system. Mounted back to back in the center of the room, the TRM’s delivers coverage to most seats – with the chairman at the end being covered by two C5’s mounted next to each other.

Now – imagine how this installation would look with traditional rectangular speakers. A great example of ‪#‎aestheticsound‬.

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Great C5 review in AV Online!

“The C5’s are calm, but at the same time dynamic. On some music, the bass response was nearly on level with that of floor standing boxes, which is no small thing. The high frequencies are pleasantly refined and appeared somewhat subdued, but the sound is very impressive and we got a lot of detail and images.

The best feature of the boxes is their ability to be very precise, with voices having excellent lightness. And if your preferred music requires higher volume, feel free to push the speakers – they will not be shy. Because of the compact cabinet, we thought the bass would be dry at high volumes, but in fact, just the opposite happened: We heard a warm and pulsating deep bass. The C5 is very linear and in many cases it acted almost like studio monitors”.

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ISE 2015

Cornered Audio  will exhibit at the coming ISE Show in Amsterdam. Our stand is located in Hall 7 – stand number 7Q-170. You can find us by clicking on this link:

We will entertain you with the full range of products including the new compact and very loud C5TRM, the new LS1 Line Source that allows installers to throw Hi-Fi quality sound out to 40 meters and the new Processor CPX24 that will get the best out of the speakers and keep them safe for years and years.

See you in Amsterdam!

Apotek – Reykjavik – Island

There seems to be a new Nordic trend towards transforming pharmacies into bars – with great results for the overall Nordic health we presume? Check out the mew Bar and Restaurant in Reykjavik, Island called Apotek. Cornered C5’s installed horizontally under the ceiling throughout the venue ensures great low level background sound during day and rich, loud full range sound at night when the bar takes over.

Installation by Cornered distributor ETOS.

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Balthazar Champaign Bar – Hotel D’Angleterre Copenhagen

Baltahzar – the superb Champaign Bar at the historic 5-Star Hotel D’Angleterre in Copenhagen – invite you to enjoy champagnes from more than 42 different makers, world class signature cocktails and sophisticated snacks from caviar and oysters.

All complemented by beautiful Francophile décor, flirtatious tunes from the DJ’s and Cornereds top-of-the-range TRM system. Four C6TRM’s and two C12 subs blend in unobtrusively and creates a rather vibrant environment with indulging sound throughout the venue.

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Fukuro Jakarta

Indonesian distributor MTJ took on the challenge of installing a sound system into the very funky and aesthetic 5 star Japanese restaurant and bar Fukuro in Jakarta.

The owner wanted solid sound pressure at night without changing the aesthetics of the venue. Cornered was the natural choice. 15 pcs C5 in black blends in perfectly delivering great sound at all seats.

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KOL Bar and Restaurant, Reykjavik

Check out the new and very funky KOL restaurant and Bar in Reykjavik. 16 pcs C5’s in aluminium finish ensures great sound at all seats, and help to transform the restaurant into a bar at night.

The customer chose Cornered because of the discrete and modern design. Initially subs was specified as well, but the customer was pleased to learn, that the C5’s could delivery solid bass throughout the venue, so subs were not needed.

Installation by More Photos at:

Cornered Audio for ANZ Bank

ANZ bank

Australien ANZ Bank called on Indonesian Cornered distributor Mona Lisa, to install their cafe- and meeting room areas with a discreet and very well sounding sound system. Mona Lisa chose the Cornered C3 model because of its very compact size and excellent clarity and dispersion. Zandy Young from Mona Lisa: “The management of ANZ Bank is very critical with the quality. Ensuring the designed systems owuld meet their standards, we chose the C3 from Cornered, as it combines very wide coverage with an elegant and almost invisible apperance”.

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Cornered Audio in Digiturk screening room

Cornered Audio in Digiturk screening room

Digiturk just renovated their multifunction screening room. They required a top quality sound system with unobtrusive design in the 90sqm screening room which provides seating for 30 persons.

Installer Can Electronik chose Cornered C6TRMs for front and center channels and six Cornered C5s for side and rear surround channels “because of their very balanced coverage throughout the entire frequency range both in horizontal and vertical planes”. Also, a pair of C12PNC subs provides LFE coverage with seamless integration with the rest of the system.

The system is powered by the 8 channel Crown CTs 8150 amplifier for the satellites and Crown Audio XLS Drivecore 2000 for the subwoofers.

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Music, Books and Cornered

Cornered installation in Istanbul. "Mephisto"

Turkish Cornered distributor Can Hi-Fi just installed a large Cornered installation in Istanbul. “Mephisto” – a huge Music and Book store with an integrated Cafe seating 24 people. The 1700 sq. m. shop is covered by 14 pcs. C6 white and 5 pcs. C12 subs – all powered by Crown amplifiers.

Project manager Tevfik Bingel says: “The customer wanted a very unobtrusive sound system with a natural “life like” sound”. “Nothing less will do, as the shop is located right next to the largest concert hall in the Middle East”.

“With the Cornered system, we achieved excellent sound reproduction with lots of live feeling and on top the system delivers a very even and smooth sound distribution while perfectly matching the aesthetics of the store”.

Architects: Agackakan Construction Co.

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Boards & Sports, Istanbul

Cornered Audio in Boards & Sports, Istanbul

Cornered distributor Can Hi-Fi just finalized an 1100 m2 installation in the shop “Boards and Sports”. 16 pieces C5 and 6 C12 subs powered by no less than 7000 watt keep customers on their feet.

Tevfik Bingel from Can Hi-Fi: “The request was to have full and even coverage throughout the store. The system would be equally satisfying for both daily background music and for parties and launch events held regularly. Even though the space is highly challenging, Cornered loudspeakers handled the space exceptionally well. Customer’s request of “Hi-Fi” and loud sound is served in all situations”.

With the grills removed, the speakers underline the raw look of the interior. So now discreet can also be tough. Rock on Istanbul…

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Cornered in London

Cornered Audio in Botanist, London

The Botanist is a premium dining and drink venue located in central London. Open from early morning till midnight, the Botanist serves mouth watering breakfast, lunch and dinner in superb surroundings. At night, signature drinks such as Slone no. 7 and Rose Square makes for the perfect night out on the town.

A discreet speaker system was requested in order not to distort the clean design of the venue and The Botanist called on RV Smith Leisure who chose to install Cornered’s C6TR M in white. The version with rear mounted recessed cable terminals was specified, enabling all speaker cables to be hidden.

The C6TRM’s blend into the elegant venue without drawing visual attention to themselves, while at the same time delivering smooth sound on all seats.

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Cornered in Hemsedal

Skogstad Red room

Located in “The Scandinavian Alps” – Hemsedal in Norway – the esteemed Skogstad Hotell recently opened its doors to the completely renovated Skogstad Club, which is among the best and most modern nightclubs in Hemsedal. With Italian design furniture and excellent ambience, Skogstad Club raises the standard. It is a classy place with a genuine club feeling where grown ups can meet and enjoy a stylish and highly professional entertainment venue.

Skogstad hotel chose Cornered for their three new bars, because of the speakers surprisingly high output and their “Armarni like” design, as described by one of the hotels managers. Only the photographer complained that the speakers were difficult to photograph, as they kind of disappeared into the corner. Which – we are happy to say – is the idea behind it all.

Installation by EHS Pro Shop AS. More information on