Excellent Clarity

The compact C5 is our most versatile speaker model. The slave design extends bass to below 50 Hz and also adapt the roll off to corner or on wall positioning. With a wide and uniform dispersion, full coverage can be achieved by installing relatively few speakers, which in turn means saving money on amplifiers.

The basket of the Danish-designed woofer offers excellent cooling of the motor and very low air compression behind the cone, resulting in excellent dynamics and low power compression. The 1″ tweeter features a large surround that improves dispersion at high frequencies. In combination, the two drive units provide excellent speech intelligibility, making the C5 speaker that will cut through even high level background sound.

The cabinet features a 16 mm MDF baffle. It is well dampened and the triangular shape minimises standing waves and reflections from inside the cabinet. The C5 features a discreet cable terminal, located behind the grille. C5 speaker is the perfect choice for large meeting rooms, alongside lounges and cafes.

See C5 speaker specifications and contact us for more information about professional speakers for meeting large rooms and entertainment venues.

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