Medium to High SPL in Entertainment Venues

The C6TRM is the real McCoy in professional sound reinforcement. Designed for medium to high SPL applications, coverage is highly uniform and optimised at 90 degrees. Drive units in the C6TRM corner speakers have been designed by the finest European manufacturers. The 6 1/2″ woofer features a strong neodymium magnet with state-of-the art-cooling and only 1 dB power compression after 8 hours IEC test. The 1″ horn-loaded dome tweeter combines the output of a horn-loaded design with the clarity of a dome tweeter. The extruded aluminium cabinet is well dampened and the triangular shape of the speakers minimises standing waves inside the cabinet.

C6TRM a perfect choice for entertainment venues, conference rooms, even as very low profile monitors in TV Studios or placed on a tripod and used as compact PA speakers for fashion shows, in museums and like. They can be used in full range applications for speech, but function best when supported by a sub. With a very high output-to-size ratio, the C6TRM corner speakers offer quality sound reproduction for applications where compact size and high output is a must.

See C6TRM product specifications below and contact us for more information about professional speakers for entertainment venues.

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