Speakers for Conference Rooms and Entertainment Venues

C5TRM is a compact full range speaker with high SPL-to-size ratio and impressive bass performance. C5TRM is forward in nature and will cut through loud background noise. The European 5 1/4” woofer features a strong magnet system with state-of-the art-cooling and less than 2 dB power compression. The 1” horn-loaded tweeter offers high sensitivity and combines high output with excellent clarity and uniform dispersion, which makes C5TRM a perfect conference room sound system.

Featuring an advanced passive woofer that adapt the roll off to corner or on-wall installation, the C5TRM deliver excellent bass reproduction down to 50 Hz. The aluminium cabinet is well dampened and the triangular shape minimises standing waves inside the cabinet. With a very high output-to-size ratio, the C5TRM offers excellent performance in demanding applications. The impressive sound and compact shape make C5TRM an excellent choice for conference room and mid size entertainment venues.

See C5TRM product specifications below and contact us for more information about our conference room speakers.

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