Versatile elegance

The C5 is our most versatile speaker and a fitting choice to almost any room. C5 has a solid bass performance due to the use of an advanced passive woofer that also adapt the bass to on-wall or corner position. You will experience surprisingly strong sound pressure from the compact aluminium cabinet – also due to the speaker`s high sensitivity – so even modest-sized amplifiers will enable the C5 speaker to fill your room with quality sound.

There is no visible cable terminal. Instead, the speaker wire is run in a slot at the back of the cabinet, making the installation pleasing to the eye as well as the ear.

C5 is perfect as full range speaker in medium to large living rooms or as surround speaker for the C6 model.

Find your local Cornered Audio supplier below or contact us for more information about C5 or any other of our speakers for the home.

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