Big Sound & Classy Looks

The C4 is less than 13 cm deep but still sounds like a large loudspeaker. Mounted in corners or onto walls and ceilings, the C4 is a flexible and highly elegant speaker. With an ultra long-throw 4″ woofer and an advanced slave design, the C4 speaker offers true full range sound while taking up a minimum of space. The 1″ tweeter is cooled by magnetic oil and offers excellent clarity and dynamics. C4 has very wide and uniform dispersion and despite its compact size, it will fill the room with sound.

Cable terminals are invisible and mounting points are an integrated part of the cabinet which mounts horizontally or vertically in the corner or on the wall without brackets. C4 is the perfect choice as a full range speaker for compact living rooms, or as surround speakers for the C5 model.

Find your local Cornered Audio supplier below or contact us for further information about C4 or any other of our high quality speakers for your home.

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