Music, Books and Cornered

Cornered installation in Istanbul. "Mephisto"

Turkish Cornered distributor Can Hi-Fi just installed a large Cornered installation in Istanbul. “Mephisto” – a huge Music and Book store with an integrated Cafe seating 24 people. The 1700 sq. m. shop is covered by 14 pcs. C6 white and 5 pcs. C12 subs – all powered by Crown amplifiers.

Project manager Tevfik Bingel says: “The customer wanted a very unobtrusive sound system with a natural “life like” sound”. “Nothing less will do, as the shop is located right next to the largest concert hall in the Middle East”.

“With the Cornered system, we achieved excellent sound reproduction with lots of live feeling and on top the system delivers a very even and smooth sound distribution while perfectly matching the aesthetics of the store”.

Architects: Agackakan Construction Co.

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