“HIFI Test” magazine from Germany has reviewed the Cornered C5 and given it strong recommendations in the category “Oberklasse”!

The magazine examine if the C5 – while being compact and non obtrusive – also sounds convinsing? Reviewer Michael Voigt: “The C5 proves itself as very balanced and amazes with excellent dispersion characteristics”. “We easily installed a pair of C5s in the corners of our test chamber in a matter of ten minutes. Measuring again in this position, the C5 proved to deliver strong bass and even delivered serious sound pressure below 60 Hz”. In the listening room: “Sowing the Seeds of Love” was reproduced by the C5 with full bandwidth, from the deepest synthesizer bass line right through to the fine hissing cymbals. And the best part; the voice of front man Roland Orzabal sounded strikingly with all his special tonations, exactly as it should be”. “There is no distinct Sweet Spot. At almost all positions in the room, it is possible to enjoy perfect music”. “Great”. And in the conclusion: “The excellent made corner speaker C5 from Cornered Audio is perfect for use in space-critical situations or whenever sound systems should be mounted as invisible as possible”. “Cornered Audio C5 – a real alternative and a serious recommendation”.

Read the full test by clicking here: http://www.hifitest.de/test/lautsprecher_stereo/cornered_audio-c5_5315