German internet site AREA DVD reviews the Cornered C5 and rates it “outstanding”!


The thorough test streches over six pages. Here we bring you a translation of the conclusion: “Good on-wall speakers are unfortunately not very easy to find. All the more gratifying is the fact, that the Cornered Audio C5 not only play very convincing, but does so at an affordable price, making the excellent finished speaker a very interesting alternative to small to medium THX solutions. Compact speakers with high quality optics often mean sonic compromises – but not in the case of the C5. Of course the strict focus on corner and on-wall installation reduces flexibility, but in homes suited to installation of the C5, especially in home theatre applications, you can hardly find anything better for the money, if delicate and refined sound weighs higher than the last ounce of output and dynamics. The many user friendly features such as the high efficiency and the handy cable connection is also very positive. With a switch to adapt the speaker to a matching subwoofer, the C5 would even be a reference candidate, but still our rating of the C5 as “outstanding” is a remarkable result for these compact, powerful speakers”.

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