C Series reviewed by Audio of Poland

Trying to describe sound is hairy. Words like “Crisp” highs and “dry” lows, are frequently used to explain to others how the sound from a loudspeaker is perceived. Poland is no exception.

In the current Cornered review in Polish AUDIO magazine, words like “offensive” is used to explain that the sound is engaging. The high frequencies “Shines” meaning they are clean. “Artistic” means precise and “juicy” means warm.

So even if Polish or “Hi-Fi” is not your native language, you can take our word for it; Audio likes Cornered and praise the design and mounting method while giving high marks to the sound, with the C6 being the reviewers favourite. Connect the C6 to a sub, and you have a system with performance 2nd to very few and with absolutely great aesthetics. Click below for the full review.

Link to Audio Review