Cornered speakers mount elegantly onto walls and ceilings. Mounting points are an integrated part of the design, discreetly hidden behind the front cover so there is no bracket taking up space behind the speaker.

Obvious placement is either vertically in corners or horizontally between wall and ceiling.

Made of extruded aluminium, the cabinets are more compact than a similar wooden cabinet. In addition, the aluminium cabinet works as a large cooling surface which reduces power compression significantly and allows you to experience greater dynamics even at very high output.

Designed for versatile positioning

The speakers fit vertically in a corner, horizontally between the wall and the ceiling, above or below your TV as a centre channel and of course behind your couch as a rear channel speaker.

If you don’t wish to mount the speakers to a wall, you also have the option of placing them like traditional speakers on a shelf or on top of a piece of furniture.

Create a natural 3D sound stage

To get the most out of the speakers, we recommend as a rule of thumb a minimum of 2 meters and a maximum of 5 meters between the left and right speakers. Avoid placing objects such as furniture between the speakers and the listening position.

If you take these few precautions, your new speakers will reproduce a natural, three-dimensional sound stage and give you a clear picture of each musician and their position on stage.